Sufis criticize Morsy’s reinstatement of Parliament

The Sufi orders and the Sufi-dominated Egyptian Liberation Party on Tuesday criticized President Mohamed Morsy’s decree to restore Parliament.

Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Meguid al-Sharnouby, a member of the executive office of the Sufi orders, said that Morsy defied God by breaking his oath to respect the law and judicial rulings.

“The decree came after meetings between Morsy, Muslim Brotherhood leaders and American and British officials. It was supported by the White House and enforced by Morsy,” he said.

Sheikh Mohamed al-Shahawi predicted that Morsy’s actions would lead to a military coup if he continues to “bring down the state and its institutions.”

“Morsy has transformed Egypt into a jungle where criminals no longer respect the rulings of the judiciary,” he said.

Shahawi added that Morsy has confirmed fears that the Muslim Brotherhood is a new National Democratic Party that would seek to override the law and the judiciary.

The laws of the reinstated Parliament are worthless and invalid, he said.

Egyptian Liberation Party Secretary General Essam Yehia said, “Morsy violated the sanctity of the judiciary and confirmed that the will of the Muslim Brotherhood comes before state institutions.”

He said the Muslim Brotherhood’s demonstrations in support of Morsy was intimidation and alleged that there was a connection between US criticism of the dissolution of Parliament and Morsy’s decision to restore it.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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