Libyan Mufti calls on revolutionaries to defend 17 February

Libyan Mufti al-Sadeq al-Gharyani called on the revolutionaries who overthrew Muammar Qaddafi's regime to defend the 17 February revolution, saying there is still a need for jihad in the North African country.

In his weekly show on Wednesday, Gharyani said that revolutionaries need to carry their weapons, adding that the current battle is between the truth on the one hand and regime remnants on the other.

Some elements were attempting to help regime remnants by closing oil ports and government departments in attempts to throw the state into disarray, Turkish news agency Anadolu quoted Gharyani as saying.

"Jihad is still necessary and the revolutionaries should get back to defending their nation from corruptors because the battle is still ongoing and this is their right and duty because we should not betray the blood of the martyrs who died in the 17 February revolution," he said.

Gharyani warned that the goals of the revolution are at stake after former regime figures managed to infiltrate state institutions and control the media.

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