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Exercise in disguise: five ways to burn calories without hitting the gym

Getting moving with day-to-day activities like gardening, cleaning, dancing, grocery shopping and brisk walking can burn up to 400 calories per hour.
Get out in the garden
You don't have to be retired to enjoy gardening. Take to the task with vigor and this outdoor activity can burn calories and work up a sweat. Mowing the lawn, digging, turning soil, stacking logs, weeding and raking leaves can burn as much as 400 calories per hour. For city dwellers, why not sign up to one of the shared allotments or community garden projects that are springing up in towns and cities? This can be a great way to relax and take a breather from urban life.
Keep it clean
Cleaning may not be the sexiest of activities, but it's a chore that's got to be done. It's also a great way of getting moving and burning calories without even realizing. Vacuuming, cleaning windows and mopping floors can burn 250 calories per hour. Stick on your favorite music and get to work with gusto.
Stay active in the office
Getting up and taking a five-minute walk once an hour is a great way to stay active. Why not go see a colleague at the other end of the office or in a different department, trekking across corridors and staircases if possible. Or go get a glass of water from a water fountain or kitchen on a higher floor, for example. And when heading to the restroom, choose facilities that are far away from your desk. Simply getting up and getting moving eight times a day can soon add up to 40 minutes of physical activity, burning around 300 calories with relative ease. 
Bust a groove, even at home
Not everyone has the time or energy to go out dancing in a nightclub, bar or gym after work. Busting a groove in the comfort of your own home is a simple alternative that's easy and effective. Whether alone or with family and friends, push back the sofa, stick on your favorite tunes and get moving. Dancing is a great way to work up a sweat and get a smile on your face. An hour of dancing can easily burn 400 calories.
Go on foot, walk briskly
Brisk walking is a great activity for losing weight. Walking for 30 minutes at a reasonably fast, steady pace (around 3 to 4mph — 5 to 6km/h) can burn up to 175 calories. Don't miss any opportunity to take the stairs or use public transport. Go get groceries yourself instead of having them delivered, even if the convenience of delivery is seriously tempting. Heading out shopping is a great form of exercise in disguise. An hour spent walking around a supermarket or mall can burn up to 200 calories.

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