Egyptian nationals in New Zealand start casting their ballots in 2024 presidential election

WELLINGTON, Nov 30 (MENA) – Egypt’s presidential election for Egyptian nationals abroad kicked off in New Zealand.

The Egyptian Embassy in Wellington opened its doors at nine am local time to members of the Egyptian community here seeking to cast their votes in the presidential election, which lasts for three days.

Voting outside Egypt is slated on December 1-3; from nine am to nine pm according to the local time in every country.

The Egyptian expats will cast their votes in 137 embassies and consulates across 121 countries.

Candidates running for the presidency include incumbent President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, represented by a star symbol; as well as Farid Zahran, the Social Democratic Party candidate, with the electoral symbol of a sun.

This is in addition to Abdel Sanad Yamama, the candidate chosen by Egypt’s oldest liberal party Al-Wafd, who is represented by the symbol of a palm tree; and Hazem Omar, the Republican People’s Party candidate, with a ladder symbol. (MENA)

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