Egypt-US ties unaffected by leaked cables, says ambassador Scobey

US Ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scobey on Tuesday played down the impact the recent release of classified documents, published by online whistle-blower Wikileaks, held on US ties with Egypt.

The communications leaked on Sunday revealed that Egyptian officials declined to discuss democracy promotion issues with American counterparts.

The leaked communications described Egypt as “stubborn and recalcitrant" when listening to US advice. One piece quoted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak labeling Iranians as "liars."

Scobey said the documents' content does not reflect the true ambitions or priorities of American foreign policy. Nevertheless, she added, the release threatens the lives "ordinary people."

Scobey maintained that both the US and Egypt remain partners in their bid for Middle East peace. She voiced deep sorrow for the release of clandestine information and stressed that the US will act strongly to ensure such violations do not happen again.

The US is firmly committed to its partnership with Egypt and intends to maintain its focus on common objectives, according to the ambassador.

Scobey added that the leaked materials contain assessments by American diplomats of world leaders as well as the content of personal telephone calls with foreign government officials.

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