Actress Basma, professor Amr Hamzawy robbed in 6th of October City

Political science professor Amr Hamzawy and young actress Basma were robbed at gunpoint by three unknown men, and Basma was briefly abducted, on Friday.

According to Giza security department investigations, the assailants ambushed Basma and Hamzawy while they were driving through Juhaina Square in 6th of October City and threatened them with a machine gun.

Hamzawy and Basma filed a report of the incident in which they said that on their way back from a supermarket at the Sheikh Zayed area in the early hours of Friday, three unknown men ambushed them, one carrying a machine gun and another a taser. They took their wallets, watches, cell phones and car.

According to their accounts, the attackers threw Hamzawy out of the car and briefly abducted Basma before leaving her on the ring road and driving off.

The Giza security department has begun investigations. A criminal sketch artist has been used to help determine the assailants' identities.

Nawla Darwish, Basma’s mother, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that Basma is suffering a nervous breakdown and refuses to talk.

Darwish said she is thankful that Basma was not raped, calling for better security measures and harsher penalties.

Basma is presenting a talk show this Ramadan on Al-Qahira wal Nas channel. Hamzawy, who is a professor at Cairo University, has also appeared on several TV shows this Ramadan.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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