6th of October City vaccinate and sterilize stray dogs

The Sixth of October City Authority organized a campaign to eliminate stray dogs through vaccination and sterilization.

The authority said in a statement that the move also aims to preserve the health and lives of citizens from the spread of diseases as a result of the widespread number of street dogs in the city.

Authority head Adel al-Nagar explained that a cooperation protocol was signed between the city’s authority, and the Animal Welfare Association in Cairo to control the spread of street dogs through sterilization and vaccination.

According to the protocol, daily campaigns are carried out throughout the month, and the dogs are transported to the place of sterilization and vaccination, according to the timetable specified for this work, in a manner that does not harm the environmental balance.

The aim of this campaign is to sterilize stray dogs, which will reduce their population and the ferocity of the dogs in general.

The dogs are also being vaccinated against rabies, which is one of the most dangerous diseases that can affect humans through a dog bite.

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