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Activist Ahmed Doma receives presidential pardoning

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday issued a presidential decree pardoning some of those sentenced to final sentences, including activist Ahmed Doma, a decision that comes within the scope of his constitutional powers.

A member of the Presidential Pardon Committee Karim al-Sakka announced Saturday that 5,000 people have been released under presidential pardon since 2014.

“This decision confirms the seriousness of the political leadership and the state in caring for the issue of prisoners of conscience, and the continuity of rapid releases is a new scene that reflects the appreciation of the political leadership and the state for respecting other opinions,” Sakka said.

During a telephone interview with DMC channel, Sakka added that the presidential pardoning came after the General Secretariat of the National Dialogue submitted recommendations to the president.

These recommendations included the release of prisoners of conscience, he explained, which he said reflects the president’s interest and depth of communication with national dialogue.

Sakka said that the Presidential Pardon Committee announced a new list of those released, and political parties welcomed the pardon of Doma.

Regarding Doma’s release, Sakka clarified, ” We are on the same distance from everyone and do not care about the idea of celebrities, and everyone receives the same treatment and accuracy, and there is a great interest from state that this i be completed once and for all.”

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