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Video: Egyptian police arrest man for assaulting elderly woman feeding stray cats

Egyptian security forces arrested on Sunday a man accused of assaulting a senior woman in front in the Mohandiseen area for feeding stray cats and dogs on the street.

CCTV footage of the incident went viral on social media, sparking outrage at the crime. The clip shows the man forcefully pushing the woman as she falls on the pavement.

The Cairo 24 news website reported that the woman is called Mona and the man who assaulted her is a neighbor.

He objected to her feeding the stray animals.

Passers-by gathered shortly and helped the woman stand up.

Mona told Cairo 24 that she was beaten and  insulted by her neighbor in front of passers-by on the street, when he saw her feeding cats and dogs.

She said that it was not the first time that she has been assaulted, as the suspect’s brother had attacked her earlier.

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