Tamarrod: Brotherhood defends American agenda

Tamarrod movement spokesperson Hassan Shahien said that the current suffering could have been expected and originated from the corruption that existed under former President Hosni Mubarak, the lack of political openness, the state of submission planted in the hearts of people, and the constant repression which gave an opportunity for terrorist groups to emerge. 

Shahein explained that the Muslim Brotherhood was defending its American agenda, as indeed "Mubarak bowed to the United States, and the military council of Tantawi and Sami Anan bowed to the Muslim Brotherhood. Americans and the Muslim Brotherhood are a backward ally that seeks colonization. [The Muslim Brotherhood's] desperate defense is for the American agenda, not the Islamic one”. 

However, Shahein mentioned that the security solution was not the only way to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, except for those guilty of violating the rights of the Egyptian people. He added that it was the duty of the state to provide those who had been pushed into the path of darkness with the culture and the foundations of true religion, through Al-Azhar and the Ministry of Endowments.

"We have to re-evaluate things and build a modern Egypt. We need to follow two tracks: apply the rule of law on those who carry weapons; promote a new religious and moral culture for those who have been pushed into the path of darkness; develop a respectable constitution that preserves the rights of the revolution, and head to the ballot boxes in an early presidential elections”. 

"The Egyptian people came out on [30 June] to build a new Egypt which aims to achieve independence, national freedom, and social justice. The beginning of that project is a constitution that preserves the rights of the revolution and realizes the dreams of martyrs," Shahien concluded.

The Tamarrod movement (Rebellion), which called for demonstrations on 30 June, and played a leading role in the protests against the policies of Mohamed Morsi, has been taking position on the current situation. This happens in the background of a protracted crackdown between the current government and the Muslim Brotherhood, after the violent dispersal of two sit-ins in Rabaa and Nahda last week.

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