Egyptian parliament approves law dismissing Brotherhood-affiliated state employees

The Egyptian House of Representatives on Monday, approved submitted a bill 10 MPs aimed at dismissing employees affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood from the state’s administrative apparatus.

The first article of the draft law stipulates that “without prejudice to the constitutional guarantees established for some groups against dismissal from office, the provisions of this law shall apply to workers in units of the state’s administrative apparatus, including ministries, departments, government agencies, non-local administration units, public bodies, and other bodies that its budgets are private, and employees whose employment affairs are regulated by special laws or regulations, and employees of public sector companies.”

The second article of the law allowed the dismissal of employees in several cases, including “if serious presumptions are established against him regarding what affects the national security and safety of the country,” as “the inclusion of a worker on the list of terrorists be in accordance with the provisions of the law regulating the lists of terrorist entities and terrorists is a serious presumption.”

Egypt has classified the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization since 2013, months after the overthrow of former President Mohamed Morsi following massive popular protests against his rule.

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