Report: Campaigning for parliamentary elections reached LE10 bn

The total expenditure on the parliamentary elections campaigning by candidates was between LE7 billion and LE10 billion, in addition to the money spent by the police and military over securing the election, according to a report issued by Cairo Center for Economic and Strategic Studies.
The center attributed the high cost of elections to many reasons including the high cost of security tools used by the police and the army due to the growth of terrorist activities.
The abolition of the Shura Council in the new constitution has heated the competition for the House of Representatives elections, prompting candidates to spend more money on campaigning.
The report was prepared by professor Abdel Moneim al-Sayed who says that allowing former National Democaratic Party members to run the upcoming parliamentary elections will heat up the competition especially in governorates.
Abdel Moneim pointed out that candidates for the House of Representatives are required to conduct medical tests worth LE4,000 and to pay LE3,000 for security.
He expects that spending on campaigning for each candidate will increase to up to LE1 million or more to reach LE10 million.

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