Pro-Gamal support base splinters

Political dissident Saad Eddin Ibrahim’s decision to endorse Gamal Mubarak’s bid for the presidency has created a rift among pro-Gamal supporters. Magdi al-Kordi’s Popular Support Coalition, the campaign that garnered Ibrahim’s support, is now pitted against its former allies. 

Ahmed Belal, coordinator for the pro-Gamal campaign Looking to a New Beginning, said he refuses to start a dialogue with the opposition unlike the Popular Support Coalition that, in addition to courting Ibrahim’s backing, seeks to hold a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

Despite the decision of Marwa Hodhod, campaign director for Looking to a New Beginning, to “not emulate the other campaigns” by meeting with the Brotherhood, a number of MB youths from Qalyubiya, Daqahliya and Suez have signed her campaign’s statement.

Belal said Hodhod has pictures taken of the young men while they were signing the statement.

Two days ago, the campaign organized a popular conference in Hadayeq el-Qobba to gather signatures. Members of the local council and People’s Assembly candidates for Hadayeq el-Qobba attended the event. 

Mohamed Eleiwa, another campaign coordinator, said 1300 signatures have been gathered from Hadayeq al-Qobba and another 2300 from al-Zawya and al-Sharabia in Cairo. Elewia said the next step will be door-to-door campaigning.

Director Hodhod said the total number of pro-Gamal signatures has reached 77,000, adding that the campaign has opened branches in some Gulf countries and will soon launch operations in its new headquarters in downtown Cairo.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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