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Police seize 1,500 liters of banned Israeli pesticide

Security authorities seized 1,500 liters of the outlawed Israeli pesticide Redoumal in the Sharqiya governorate, at dawn on Monday, before it could be sold in other governorates.
The pesticide was detected inside a store in Derb Negm City.
Head of the Pesticide Division at the Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ministry, Mohamed Abdel Megid, said what was seized is the largest amount of banned pesticide seized in years.
The pesticide violates Egyptian and international health standards as it harms both the public and the environment, he said.
The Redoumal was smuggled into Egypt from Israel and is a type of fungicide used to combat downy mildew disease, which affects grapes. It is also used against horticultural pests, said Abdel Megid.
According to Abdel Megid, Egypt uses 8,500 tons of pesticides annually.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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