Police officer arrested on suspicion of torturing Salafi to death

The Alexandria public prosecutor has ordered the detention of Mohamed al-Shimy, a police officer from the National Security Apparatus, for four days pending investigation on charges of killing al-Sayed Belal, a Salafi who was allegedly tortured to death in a detention facility following the bombing of a church in Alexandria on New Year’s Eve.

He also ordered the release of three officers and the arrest of five others accused in the case.

The prosecutor released Major General Tarek al-Mogy, former head of operations at the dissolved State Security Investigations Service, after hearing his testimony. He was found not to have been involved in the killing.

The prosecution has heard the testimony of 12 eyewitnesses who were with Belal in the detention facility. They confirmed that Belal was tortured continuously for 18 hours.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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