Opposition groups demand speedy prosecution of Mubaraks

Egyptian opposition groups on Monday threatened to escalate their protests if authorities delay prosecuting deposed president Hosni Mubarak and his sons for alleged corruption and murdering protesters.

Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud on Sunday summoned Mubarak and his sons for questioning over the charges. Authorities may find it difficult to bring him in for interrogation because he sent a memo to the Ministry of Justice last week claiming he is unable to move.

In a statement on its website, the Muslim Brotherhood said that moving slowly to prosecute Mubarak, his family and regime figures will ignite Egyptians' anger. The statement also said that a delay will damage confidence in the interim government.

On Sunday, Saudi satellite channel Al-Arabiya played an audio message made by Mubarak. In it he dismissed charges of financial corruption, describing them as a "campaign of defamation." He said he maintains the right to sue those who accuse him of corruption, and denied allegations that he owns assets and bank accounts abroad.

The 6 April Youth Movement said that protests will continue unless the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces acts soon to address the issue. "An open escalation is the only way to respond to Mubarak's statement unless the attorney general and the military council solve the issue immediately."

Mass protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday demanded the prosecution of Mubarak and his family. But in the night the protests turned bloody as army forces tried to clear the square. The use of force, including live ammunition, lead to the death of at least one person and the injury of 70, according to the Ministry of Health.

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