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Hamlet in the famous shakespearean play “Hamlet” said to himself “To be,or not to be: that’s the question” and this is still one of the noblest unresolved statements that’s ever been stated.
No matter how hard we try to understand life, there are always things that stay lingering unanswered. Even if answered we don’t usually find the answers satisfactory enough. Yet we still try hard to understand the incomprehensible. Einstein once said “what’s incomprehensible about this world is that it is incomprehensible”
However, I still find confusion as a driving force towards living life to the fullest. Once someone is puzzled about something, that means he or she is really trying hard to find an answer. That, in fact, means that there is a deep search for the truth. And if this deep search is our journey in life, that makes our life a beautiful ride.
Confusion is one step forward to reach the truth, and truth is relative. This truth is your truth, the one that you truly have worked hard to get to and once you get there you feel tremendously happy and satisfied.
Confusion is negative when it is only a state of mind. If nothing is happening in our life, and the person is just confused. The one who doesn’t work really hard in order to change reality will definitely blame other external factors on his failures. Hard work is always needed to change this state of mental confusion. Work is a state of action, that where the confusion may change into clarity. Whether one works to clarify the ambiguity or to just take an action, so take an action never ever stand still for this will take you nowhere.
Hard work does need academic as well as practical side in order to verify any given information. You can’t verify any given information by brooding over it. Action is always a must.
This process of clarification is all about hard work. It is a mental process that begins by confusion, and confusion is a state of honesty as well as disturbance that will eventually lead to clarity at some point in life.
So in to order to answer the question of Hamlet, you really have to work hard on it yourself. No one helps you become happy, it is only you who can do it. Confusion impedes happiness, yet working hard when you are confused to resolve the puzzling situation you are in is part of the happiness you are trying to reach. So once you are working on it, it paves the way towards enjoying the search itself.
In this case you’ve become part of the realities you are creating as you are the one who really has dug deep to get it. If you totally depend on others to show you the way, you eventually find out it was not your way, it was theirs, but you are the one who has trodden in.
For life is in only worth living when we choose how to live.

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