No plans for constitutional changes, says Mubarak junior

Gamal Mubarak, son of President Hosni Mubarak and assistant secretary general of the ruling National Democratic Party, stated that the party will not include any constitutional amendments in its platform before the upcoming elections. He did not specify whether he meant the presidential or parliamentary elections.

Gamal Mubarak, who is widely speculated to be a contender in the next presidential election and is also head of the NDP’s powerful Policies Secretariat, said in a press conference yesterday that everyone has the right to propose suggestions for future of presidential elections. Mubarak described such proposals as "positive and healthy" and added that Egypt is not focusing on legislative elections. He said that the party will provide its views on each election individually and at the right time, noting that the time for presidential elections has not come yet.

Mubarak said that NDP has fulfilled its promise to change 34 articles of the constitution, noting that these amendments were preceded by two years of elaborate discussions. He added that the NDP is now giving its attention to fulfilling its obligations regarding public policy issues and preparations for mid-term parliamentary elections.

Mubarak admitted during the conference that there are deficiencies in coordination between the party and the government, but he emphasized that the party has implemented many parts of its electoral platform of 2005. Speaking about the Egyptian nuclear program, he said that plans are proceeding apace.

The president’s son added that the party supports all measures taken by the government to protect Egypt’s borders, saying that this is not inconsistent with efforts to lift the blockade on Gaza or attempts to negotiate Palestinian reconciliation.

He also added that the political system is governed by a clear constitution, and that the party will open channels of dialogue with opposition powers.

When asked about the NDP’s position on international observation of the elections, Mubarak replied, "We adhere to our legislative initiative that gave the Egyptian people the right to oversee the elections.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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