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Museum curator mocked by Culture Minister referred to interrogation

Azza Abdel Moneim, the curator of Mahmoud Saeed Museum in Alexandria, said the museum's director has unjustly referred her to a disciplinary board for interrogation, as a courtesy to the Minister of Culture, with whom she recently had a conflict.
Abdel Moneim added in a phone-in on OnTV Channel on Wednesday evening: "The minister promised me a written apology, but I was surprised with my referral to interrogation, as a courtesy to the minister at my expense, which is a clear case of collusion."
On her Facebook page, Azza Abdel Moneim, a curator at the museum, said Culture Minister Abdel Wahed al-Nabawy mocked her weight when she approached him with a request related to her job grade and salary. She was complaining that ministry employees in Cairo had lost the original copies of her Masters degree certificate, which, she explained, legally entitle her to a bonus of LE86.
“I have a problem with fat employees,” Abdel Moneim quoted the minister as saying in response to her request. “Let her go up and down the stairs twenty times a day to lose weight,” he told the museum’s director.
In a statement circulated by local media, the minister said he was trying to alleviate the tension he saw among employees at Mahmoud Saeed Museum during his visit on Sunday. He stressed that he respects all ministry employees.