Mubarak meets with legislative and judicial representatives

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak continued Monday to defy protesters' demands for his immediate resignation, meeting with representatives from legislative and judicial authorities.

On Monday, the state-run Middle East News Agency reported that Mubarak held a meeting with Parliamentary Speaker Fathi Sorour and the President of the Court of Cassation Serry Siam in the presence of Vice President Omar Suleiman. The meeting took place at the presidential palace in Heliopolis.
Mubarak had pledged to uphold the administrative court’s rulings concerning the invalidity of the November 2010 parliamentary elections in some constituencies rather than to dissolve parliament, which is one of the protesters' demands in addition to the ouster of Mubarak.
The administrative court issued rulings both before and after the 2010 parliamentary elections against 120 MPs, whereas the Court of Cassation received 1576 appeals against 486 MPs and 50 members of the Shura Council.
Parliament and Shura Council sessions were suspended last week pending investigations into the legal charges against MPs in response to Mubarak’s vow, in preparation for constitutional amendment, amid skepticism from the opposition.
The elections resulted in the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) winning more than eighty-three percent of parliamentary seats in a landslide victory.
 Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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