MP files lawsuit demanding liquor stores, nightclubs be shuttered

Former MP Hamdy al-Fakhrany has filed a lawsuit against the president, the prime minister and the local government minister, demanding that they close down liquor stores and nightclubs, the state-run egynews website reported Wednesday.

Fakhrany is a former independent member of the now-dissolved People’s Assembly and an architect and urban developer. He is best known for the cases he filed regarding corrupt contracts, particularly the Madenaty land sale and the Sukari Gold Mine.

In his lawsuit, Fakhrany referred to Article 2 of Egypt's new Cnstitution, which states that Islam is the state religion and the principles of Islamic Sharia are the main sources of legislation, and to Article 10, which says the state and society must protect morality.

Frakhrany previously filed another lawsuit demanding the president and prime minister prohibit interest in Egyptian banks, since interest is considered usury in Sharia.

Meanwhile, leading Freedom and Justice Party figure and Shura Council member Sobhi Saleh had said last December that his party would work to ban alcohol in Egypt.

“We'll prohibit alcohol,” said Saleh. “We Egyptians are the greatest religious people, and we don’t need that.”

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