Customs exemption limit on new items raised for travelers

The Egyptian Minister of Finance, Mohamed Maait, amended the executive regulations of the Customs Law.

Thus means a raising of the customs exemption limit on new items at airports.

According to the new decision, the personal belongings of travelers, including tourists and transients, will be exempted from customs up to LE15,000 instead of the LE10,000 in the old law.

This is provided that the exempted items are not intended for trade or resale.

Customs tax and other taxes will be applied on items exceeding the exemption limit.

The exemption will also apply to what is purchased for personal use from duty-free shops.

As long as it’s within 48 hours of the passenger’s arrival: provided that it does not exceed the amount of US$200, and also on condition that it does not exceed the allowed limit of alcoholic beverages purchases (more than two liters).

The exemption limit on alcoholic beverages in the old law text was set at one liter at most.

The limit was raised to two liters provided that one percent of the due customs tax is paid, with a minimum of $13 per liter or its equivalent in Egyptian pounds.

It is allowed to replace only one liter of alcoholic beverages with one pack of beer.

The same regulations apply to those who have a private maritime passport and a private passport.

For residents in Egypt, the new decision stipulates that new items intended for personal use, such as gifts, be exempted as well within the limits of LE15,000 as opposed to the old law of LE10,000 in the old text.

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