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Medical drama ‘Zeinhom’ tops the most watched series on Watch-it

Medical drama ”Zeinhom’, starring Ahmed Dawood, topped the most watched series on the “Watch-it” platform, occupying first place after the first five episodes dropped.

It follows the titular Zeinhom, an unconventional forensic doctor who speaks with his deceased father, and his assistant Jimmy. The quirky doctor faces many mysterious cases at the morgue which requires him to use all his skills and abilities to reach the truth, alongside the help of his colleagues.

The series begin with the arrival of the body of a young man to the morgue.

As Zeinhom begins the autopsy, suspicions arise about a criminal motive behind the death. During investigations, Zeinhom seeks the help of a team consisting of doctors Jimmy and Jamila, and Police Officer Ahmed to reach the truth.

The fifth episode raises the stakes as Zeinhom uncovers a series of murders appear to be be related, leading his team to figure out the truth and track down the killer.

The series is directed by Yehia Ismail and written by Mohamed Suleiman Abdel-Malek, produced by Tamer Mortada, and stars Ahmed Dawood, Karim Kassem, Salma Abu-Deif.

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