MB leaders choose Badie for general guide

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement’s Guidance Bureau Thursday chose Mohamed Badie as the group’s eighth general guide, or murshid. Bureau members have reportedly informed all MB administrative departments of the decision, asking them to swear fealty to the group’s new leader.

Bureau members are also expected to urge MB members abroad–who had previously voiced reservations about Badie’s nomination–to accept the appointment. Certain of the group’s Europe-based members had earlier complained that Badie "lacked charisma" and was "not known to the outside world."

According to group sources speaking on condition of anonymity, MB leaders Mohamed el-Katatni and Saad el-Husseini–currently attending an MB conference in Beirut–plan to discuss the issue with group members residing in Europe.

El-Katatni, however, denied having any intention to discuss the issue with anyone. "The choice of general guide is the sole responsibility of the MB’s Cairo headquarters," he said. "We have no plans to talk about it here in Beirut."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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