Martyrs’ families: We won’t rest until we see noose around Mubarak’s neck

Relatives of those killed in the 25 January revolution have expressed satisfaction at how ousted President Hosni Mubarak trial is proceeding.

The relatives called on the court’s head to continue his efforts at keeping order, so as not to give Mubarak’s defense team any excuse to call for a closed hearing or for the trial’s live broadcast to be stopped.

They also called on the senior judge to give the maximum sentence to Mubarak and those involved in the killing of peaceful protesters demanding freedom and democracy.

“We respect the great Egyptian judicial system, which summoned the former president and brought him to the court to face the charges against him,” said Khaled Qotb, the father of Mahmoud Qotb, who was killed during the uprising after he was run over by a van with a diplomatic license plate on Qasr al-Aini Street.

 “We hope the chief justice will issue the maximum sentence against the former president and his aides, who are responsible for killing Egypt’s youth.”

He also warned against adjourning the trial more than once, as this would lead to the trial going on for years.

Osama Ahmed Nour, whose son Tarek Nour was killed in the uprising, called on the court to ensure speedy justice.

 “We will not rest until we see him hanged, because he killed our sons who were calling for freedom and for his removal,” he said.

He added that Mubarak should be forced to attend all of the court sessions and that he should be held in Cairo until the trial ends.

Nour also demanded that relatives of killed protesters be permitted to attend the trial inside the court room, along with their lawyers. He said they want to see Mubarak with their own eyes and “see his reaction in the courtroom as he listens to his sentence.”

“I hope Mubarak lives until he is sentenced, so that he is put to death in front of everyone, and that he becomes an example for all of Egypt’s future presidents,” said Nour.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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