Is it too late?

Is it too late to correct the path we, our regime and our media are taking?
We got rid of a regime that used religion to seize power. Then we started to build a modern state governed only by the law and the constitution. Yet certain supporters of the previous regime still present among us and in the state institutions began to take revenge.
First, they were timidly trying to pass their ideas, but they soon became louder and started promoting the conspiracy theory. Now, they are waging a war, not only on the January revolution, but on the minds of the people, making use of their fears of what the Muslim Brotherhood connives at home and of what is taking place in neighboring countries.
They are waging a war against all who disagree with them, claiming that only they are patriotic. They exploit the channels of the businessmen to impose their stream of “no voice is louder than the voice of the fight against terrorism.”
Questioning the patriotism and integrity of others has become a daily subject that aims to one thing: brainwash the people or at least a large part of them to oppose what happened in January in order to control what is coming.
Practices by certain state institutions clearly indicate that there is a plot for centers of power to regain what they had before the revolution. It is a war that is toppling the law and the rights and freedoms of many.
We had hoped that this path would be corrected. Instead, abuses by the media and the state institutions have increased and repeated very fast, exactly like if you see a speeding car that would collide with a wall and you cannot stop it.
We are in a phase of conflict between many parties who try to monopolize the scene. Yet we are also at a stage where the new regime is being shaped, and where each step it takes is monitored at home and abroad. But many of the recent actions made us wonder which side is this newborn regime standing with. 
For example, should we not wonder who the regime is siding with after the recent presidential pardons that were announced? Should we not wonder about the fabricated leaks and conspiracies, which began with Abdel Rehim Ali and ended with Ahmed Mousa? Should we not wonder about the activists who were linked to the January revolution and were therefore targeted and had to pay the price?
We are clearly witnessing, not just a counter-revolution, but a revenge that is wearing the gown of patriotism. 
Is the new regime part of this, or does it close an eye to it?
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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