Israeli delegation arrives in Cairo to discuss embassy incident

A high-level Israeli delegation arrived at Cairo International Airport on Sunday to hold talks with senior Egyptian officials regarding the unrest that took place at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo on Friday, as well as the killing of six Egyptian security personnel by Israeli gunfire on 18 August.

The identities of the delegates, who arrived on a private jet from Israel's Ben Gurion Airport, was kept top secret by security authorities. The visit is expected to last for several hours.

An airport source said the delegation consists of four Israeli security and political figures who will hold talks with senior Egyptian officials on the situation and on Egyptians' anger over the killings, which have been touted as reasons for the storming of the Israeli Embassy.

The same source said that talks with the delegation – which arrived in Cairo only 24 hours after Israeli Ambassador Yitzhak Levanon and embassy employees fled to Israel – will address the possibility of the diplomats' speedy return.

Amid tight security, airport authorities immediately transported the diplomatic delegation by car directly along the airstrip without passing through the VIP hall.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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