International MB leader mulls facing trial in Egypt

Ibrahim Mounir, secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement’s international wing, said he was considering attending an Egyptian court hearing on 14 July in which he will be the primary defendant.

Mounir, who has been living in London since the British government granted him political asylum 20 years ago, said he would first consult with Europe-based human rights organizations before taking the step.

“I asked the British government to protect me after Egyptian security services threatened my life,” he said, declining to elaborate further. “The British government doesn’t recognize so-called ‘exceptional’ tribunals.”

Mounir noted that MB members all over the world met regularly to discuss developments in Egypt and the Islamic world without fear of arrest.

“It’s only the Egyptian regime that is perturbed by these meetings, while the rest of the world sees the group as a legitimate political force,” he said.

“I will go to Egypt as a British subject whose government will provide all the necessary means for his personal protection,” Mounir said, denying that he planned to coordinate his visit with the group’s Egyptian branch.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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