Egypt Independent

Experts propose turning Tahrir Square into tourist destination

Tourism experts called for making Tahrir Sqaure a tourist destination as a memorial to the 18-day  protests staged in the square which resulted in the toppling of former President Hosni Mubarak's regime.

Hisham Zaazou, assistant to the Tourism Minister, said squares worldwide, especially in European countries, have become tourist destinations due to their significance in history. Tahrir Square has become a symbol of a popular revolution, he said.

There should be a memorial or an obelisk with photos of the 25 January revolution and a list of martyrs’ names in the square, added Zaazou, who anticipates that tourists will be interested in visiting.

Tourism expert Amr Badr suggested creating a mural in Tahrir Square about the revolution, and making the square part of tour programs.

Abdel Rahman Samir, member of the 25 January coalition, said artists, the ministries of culture and tourism, and governorate officials should coordinate efforts.

Protesters have already created an impromptu memorial in the square that includes photos and information about those who died during the protests.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.