Electoral fraud for Shafiq would be deadly, MP says

A revolution more violent than 25 January would erupt should the presidential election runoff be rigged in favor of Ahmed Shafiq, said Freedom and Justice Party MP Saad al-Husseini on Monday.

“The people in the runoff are choosing between light and darkness, civil and military, oppression and tyranny,” he said on a talk show on Al-Hayat 2 channel.

Husseini said he expects the Supreme Constitutional Court to rule the Political Isolation Law unconstitutional.

“This means Shafiq will continue in the runoff, but the Egyptian people will not choose him, and we have to respect the will of the people and the results of the ballots,” he said.

He lashed out at the media for tarnishing the image of the Muslim Brotherhood. “The media said things like we will close shops, impose the veil and forbid singing,” Husseini said. “This is not true.”

FJP candidate Mohamed Morsy said that his rival only knows how to defame people, because he does not have an electoral platform.

Shafiq uses the same techniques of a “colonialist,” such as divide and conquer, Morsy said in a rally in Kafr al-Sheikh. He also slammed Shafiq's accusations that the Muslim Brotherhood would sell the Suez Canal.

“Voting [results] after the first round of the elections show Egyptian's love of the revolutionary candidates. They want to keep their revolution because of their experiences with members of the ousted regime. We have also seen that corruption,” Morsy said.

“We want the love between the people and the army and the police to return, because unity between the people would protect the people from the beasts that want to eat the flesh of the people [referring to thefts and killing of the ousted regime],” Morsy added.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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