With ElBaradei back in Cairo, political activities resume

Mohamed ElBaradei, founder of the opposition coalition National Association for Change (NAC), returned to Cairo Wednesday after nearly two months abroad, according to NAC senior official George Ishaq, who added that a lack of publicity was at ElBaradei’s behest.

The former three-time Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency attended several international events while abroad.

Ishaq said ElBaradei will resume his political activities Monday by organizing a breakfast party for some youth activists from the independent campaign supporting his presidential bid. Media coordinator for the campaign Mahmoud al-Hetta said that the location of the breakfast party will not be declared until Monday morning in an effort to prevent security interference.

The following day ElBaradei will meet with a number of laborers from Nile Delta city Mahalla to discuss working conditions. He will also meet with a group of artists and writers.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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