Egyptian Public Prosecutor refers murderer of Kholoud al-Sayed to trial

The Public Prosecutor in Egypt on Thursday ordered that the suspect in the murder of Kholoud al-Sayed in Port Said, be referred to the Criminal Court.

The prosecution charged the defendant with premeditated murder of al-Sayed following disagreements between them, due to his excessive jealousy and his control over her social life.

The victim was forced to cut off their relationship to end their engagement, leading the suspect to murder her in his rage by strangling her.

The Public Prosecution established the evidence against the suspect from his confession to the crime during the investigations, and while he was conducting a simulation of how it was committed at the scene of the incident.

It also listened to testimonies of 18 witnesses, including the detective officer who conducted the investigations, and other witnesses who knew the victim.

Among the witnesses was someone who said they saw the suspect sneaking from the balcony of the victim’s residence moments before her murder.

Witnesses confirmed that the victim had previously received death threats from the accused.

The Public Prosecution also established evidence from recordings of the CCTV installed in a property opposite the scene of the incident, which recorded the entry and exit of the suspect to and from the property at simultaneous time of the murder.

Authorities also obtained an audio recording of a telephone conversation between the victim and a co-worker, which coincided with the suspects attack on her, from which he was heard revealing that he has come to kill her as the victim begged for her life.

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