Egypt to see partial solar eclipse on Sunday

A historic solar eclipse will take place on Sunday, with Egypt witnessing a partial cover-up of the sun.
Hatem Ouda, head of the Astronomy and Geophysical Research Institute, said the last total eclipse in London's Greenwich took place on 16 March 1446 (574 years ago). The next eclipse will take place in 101 years' time on 3 June 2114.

Only 15 eclipses have occured at the Greenwich Meridian line, which divides the earth from east and west, Ouda added.

Ashraf Latif Tadros, head of the institute’s astronomy division, said Egypt will witness a partial eclipse for one hour and 39 minutes starting Sunday 3:08 pm until 4:46 pm. The moon will cover 15 percent of the sun.

Most Arab countries, part of the Americas, southern Europe and most African countries will also catch a glimpse of the partial solar eclipse, Tadros explained.

Tadros warned against looking directly at the sun, adding that direct sunlight can damage the naked eye.

Edited translation from MENA

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