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Egypt ranks 34th on FIFA monthly ranking for June

Tthe International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) on Thursday issued the monthly ranking of the teams for the month of June, where Egypt advanced to 34th place instead of 35th place in May.

The Argentine national team- the 2022 World Cup champion – maintained its lead in the classification, while the French national team remained second and Brazil third.

The UK national team advanced in the FIFA rankings to rise to fourth place, while the Belgian national team fell to fifth place, while Croatia ranked sixth, the Netherlands seventh, Portugal eighth and Spain, the European Nations League champion, ranked tenth.

In the Arab world, the Moroccan national team maintained its lead over the Arab and African teams, as it ranked thirteenth worldwide, down two places from May’s ranking where it finished in 11th place – its second best ranking in the history of the FIFA monthly rankings for Morocco.

Morocco’s best ranking was in February 1998’s classification where it finished tenth.

The Saudi team ranked 53rd, advancing in the monthly rankings by one place.

The Saudi team came fifth within Asia after Japan, Iran, Australia and South Korea, while the Egyptian team came fifth in Africa after Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Algeria.

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