Dozens of Daqahlia village residents protest against water cuts

Dozens of residents of the Al-Mohagerin 2 village in Daqahlia protested on Tuesday outside the governor's office, carrying empty cans to demand drinking water.
The protesters compalined that drinking water had been cut for two months in their village.
The security personnel chose two protesters to meet the governorate's officials inside the headquarters and speak about the protesters' demands.
Mohamed Gharib, one of the protesters, accused the officials of cutting water in the village in order to supply poultry farms.
"They come at the end of the month to collect bills for the water they have cut," he added.
"My body is itching as if I have skin problems due to the lack of water. The same happens to my children. I do not know what to do," said Tarek Mohamed Abdel Aal, adding that the residents head to nearby villages every day to collect water, which still does not cover their needs. 
Mohamed Fadel said: "We are demanding our basic right which is drinking water. Can the governor bear living in a place without drinking water for two months?"
Fadel called on the governor to step down if he cannot afford drinking water for the village.
The drinking water crisis continued as well in al-Nahda City in Mansoura and over 20 other villages. 
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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