Daqahlia Prosecution detains student for 4 days over rape charges

The Daqahlia Prosecution on Sunday has imprisoned a student, Mohamed A,  for four days pending investigations into claims he had raped a student in 2018 and caused her to bear his child.

The decision was ordered after the prosecution received a DNA analysis from Mohamed, the victim and their child which proved that he is the father.

According to investigations, Mohamed claimed that he and the victim were originally friends and that their relationship only became sexual with her consent.

The Egyptian Cabinet back in July approved a draft law submitted by the Justice Ministry to ensure the confidentiality of data regarding the victims of sexual harassment and assault.

This law aims to protect victims by not disclosing their identity in regards to crimes related to indecent assault and harassment, as contained in the Penal Code and Child Law.

This moves follows the recently publicized case of serial rapist Ahmed Bassam Zaki who reportedly harassed, sexually assaulted and raped over 100 women, including minors.

Zaki’s victims resorted to using social media to anonymously post their testimonies – none had filed a case with the Public Prosecution.

The victims only started to file their cases once police arrested the suspects upon a report from the National Council of Women (NCW) based on social media claims

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