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Children’s corner: New interactive kids’ workshops at Diwan

“Kids’ Workshop Center Program” is coming back again on 11 March at Diwan bookstore with new innovative activities for instilling the love of creativity in children.

A step-by-step woodworking project will be hosted by both Diwan Heliopolis and Qirtassiya branches from 4:30PM till 6PM. The safe craft process aims to develop kids’ planning skills and teach them basic carpentry tools.

Diwan’s Heliopolis branch will hold another kids’ workshop next Friday for making sock puppets from 2PM till 3:30PM where children can enjoy learning an easy technique for sewing. Children aged 3 to 12 are welcome to attend with a cost of LE30 per person.

As a part of the constant efforts of Diwan together with Kids’ Workshop, they included a cooking class as one of their activities to enhance children’s thinking abilities at an early age.

According to Sherine Abdel Sallam, assistant manager of Kids’ Workshop, it is important for both mother and child to learn how to prepare handmade snacks. “Besides being cheaper, they are healthier than those that are sold in shops. You guarantee that there are no added artificial colors or preservatives,” she pointed out.

At a young age, kids must get used to eating nutrient-rich food so that they don’t grow up relying on junk food.

Cooking is one of the different classes offered by Kids’ Workshop. The program also offers drama, crafts, art, games and science for children 3 to 12 years old.

Teaching children how to cook instills creativity in them. “The main goal of our activities is to stretch kids’ imagination and allow them to acquire new skills through which they can express themselves,” said Nervan, a teacher.

Here are easy, healthy recipes of three different snacks that you can enjoy preparing with your children at home:


Electric mixer or wire whisk
Chocolate or vanilla Swiss roll cake
Powdered whipped topping packet
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
Jimmies (also known as sprinkles)
Strawberry fruit

1) Cut the cake into slices
2) Place the cream and vanilla in a bowl
3) Beat them together with an electric mixer or wire whisk till become firm enough
4) Add sugar if you want, then beat again
5) Place the whipped cream on the cake slice
6) Sprinkle the jimmies over the top of whipped cream
7) Put the strawberry fruit on the jimmies

Sweet Popcorn

Small hot air popper
Chocolate sauce
Chocolate syrup (optional)

1) Put the needed quantity of corn in the popcorn air popper which is safe and healthy as there’s no need for using fire and oil
2) Wait till the popcorn starts to pop out of the air popper (this is why it is called “pop” corn)
3) Add drops of chocolate sauce on the top of the popcorn
4) You can add chocolate syrup if you want to taste more chocolaty
5) Mix them all together

Peanut butter rice crisps ball

Strawberry jam or peanut butter (the latter is better because it sticks to rice crisps faster)
Crispy rice cereal

1) Mix peanut butter or strawberry jam with crispy rice cereal
2) Roll the mixture into balls with your hands
3) Wait for a couple of minutes till both ingredients stick together and are ready for eating

Diwan bookstore Qirtassiya

Address: 177, 26th July Street, Zamalek.

Tel: 2736 0509 – 012 861 10 66

Kids’ workshop

Location: Alef bookstore Heliopolis, Diwan bookstore Heliopolis and soon Heliopolis club.

Tel: 011 008 96 30 – 010 578 64 58

Email: [email protected]

Facebook fan page: Kids workshop

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