Brotherhood youths organize traffic in Nasser City

A number of youths from the Muslim Brotherhood, in coordination with traffic authorities in Nasser City, have organized a popular committee to help improve road traffic conditions in the area, which is plagued by congestion.

The civilian traffic wardens have donned custom-made T-shirts and caps, called out Brotherhood slogans, and distributed fliers to raise awareness among locals and drivers about the importance of obeying traffic rules.

The group has been working to improve safety for pedestrians and marked out routes for mircobuses. In cooperation with local residents, they claim to have found ways of better facilitating the flow of traffic.

“The story began with coordination between a number of Brotherhood youth volunteers and other citizens by way of Facebook pages under the slogan Your Hands In Ours To Organize Our Traffic,” said Ahmed Asmat, one of the youth organizers involved in the campaign.

Asmat says the group is talking with the General Traffic Administration about plans to launch public awareness campaigns throughout Cairo and other governorates.

“We thought about launching this campaign when we discovered traffic police were absent from the streets, which led to cars bumping into each other and being crowded on the main roads. It was our goal to begin the campaign during Ramadan, when the crowding and traffic is at its worst,” said Asmat.

The youths currently patrol the streets, directing the campaign from 10 pm until midnight. After Ramadan, their hours will switch from 7 pm to 10:30 pm.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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