Brotherhood leader says group will not seek presidency

The Muslim Brotherhood does not intend to field a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, the group's top leader said.

At a conference held in Minya, Upper Egypt, Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie reiterated that the Brotherhood — Egypt's largest opposition group — wants civilian rule.

"The Brotherhood will opt for a civilian state and is seeking a strong parliament, as well as municipal councils free of bribery and nepotism, that can address citizens' needs," Badie said.

He said Islam does not require a religious state but a secular one that recognizes Islam and the teachings of Prophet Mohamed.

Badie added that the Brotherhood is not seeking a majority in parliament, arguing that no political group can lead Egypt forward single-handedly.

"Brotherhood nominees will work synergistically with political groups, as well as Christians," he said.

Badie stressed that the Quran orders Muslims to protect Christian holy spots.

He also called upon Arab rulers to respect the freedom of their peoples, pointing in particular to the presidents of Syria, Yemen, and Libya, who he said have depleted their countries' resources and opened the doors for foreign military intervention in their domestic affairs.

Badie said he plans to meet with the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar and announced that the group's new satellite channel has started broadcasting. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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