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Biden will pay the price

by Mohamed Amin

It is certain that US President Biden will bear the brunt of the Gaza war alone, whether in terms of his political capital, history, or future.

That is the least of it. The harsher consequences could be terrorist attacks in the US itself or on US embassies around the world. I recall here when former US President Barack Obama said that the situation in Gaza could lead to a hardening of the Palestinian position for generations to come.

This is a fact. What will the Israelis and Americans do with the children who witnessed the destruction in their areas and the deaths of their families?

Was this perception the reason for the “apparent” change in the US position towards Israel’s destruction of the Gaza Strip?

Observers have questions about this change.

Does it reflect an actual shift or just a change in rhetoric in response to the public condemnation and demonstrations that hit some areas in the US and paralyzed traffic and major subway stations?

Certainly, the international demonstrations around the world, and the internal demonstrations in the US for many days and with high intensity were the main reason – in addition to the situation in Gaza itself and the failure to implement the ground attack so far, and perhaps the capture of high-ranking officers, which all changed the US position.

There is also no objection that international and Arab pressures had an impact!

All of this led to a change in the US position on the ground. Add to that the threat of using the Oil Weapon again, especially with the onset of winter, and the rise in the number of deaths.

One of Biden’s mistakes was repeating the phrase that Israel has the right to defend itself after the Al-Aqsa Flood operation!

I believe that positions will change further as more officers and soldiers fall into captivity, the difficulty of releasing the prisoners held by the (Palestinian) factions.

The clear growing anger of Arab countries, European allies, and some Americans inside, may have pushed Biden’s team to call for a humanitarian halt to Israel’s attacks and focus on delivering assistance to the Palestinians!

Arabs are credited with their movements to put a humanitarian truce into a UN resolution, and they were all a voice that could be counted on, but I still do not know a clear reason for why Iraq and Tunisia abstained from voting on the resolution?

True, Iraqi sources said incomprehensible things, but what is Tunisia’s excuse when it stands up to protest all night and then its delegate abstains from voting? Does anyone just settle for demonstrating? Do these people imagine that they are demonstrating in public, and voting in closed rooms? Do they not know that the street knows at the same moment due to the development of communication tools? Do they think we are still in the sixties?!

Finally, did Biden realize that many of his supporters may abandon him in the next elections if the humanitarian situation deteriorates seriously? And that what is happening in Gaza may come with a backlash?!

Did Obama’s statements about escalating the situation and its impact on America for generations fly past Biden, who may not pay the price alone?!

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