American TV channel correspondent arrested in Minya for inciting sectarian strife

Security forces in Minya have arrested a correspondent working for an American TV channel, accusing him of inciting sectarian strife and broadcasting false news, state-owned news agency MENA reported.
Minya Security Chief Major General Osama Metwally was notified that national security sector and Minya Police Station’s criminal investigations officer had information about a correspondent working for an American TV channel who authorities accuse of spreading sectarianism in Egypt.
The 31-year old correspondent, only known as “Bishoy,” works for a religious channel owned by a Copt in the United States and authorities claim he is known for showing “inaccurate images of oppression” against Copts in Egypt. A camera and four USB flash drives in his possession were seized. A report was filed and prosecution was notified to conduct investigations.
The report by MENA did not mention the name of the channel nor its owner, only referring to the suspect as Bishoy.
Edited translation from MENA

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