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Court suspends 20 employees at Minia Chest Diseases Hospital, reduces punishment

The Supreme Administrative Court on Sunday has reduced the disciplinary penalty issued by the Administrative Court against 20 employees at Minia Chest Diseases Hospital to a six-months suspension instead of retirement.

The Administrative Court charged the defendants with committing employment violations, which included their participation in forging and fabricating employment contracts in violation of the law.

The Supreme Administrative Court said that, within the scope of its assessment of the proportionality between the violations and the penalty alongside the discipline of the appellants for the benefit of public service, the court decided that the first ruling was excessive.

The Supreme Administrative Court noted that all of the defendants are young. The Public Prosecution therefore has decided to shelf the criminal aspect against them and requested that they disciplined without prejudice to their career and family future in order to avoid harm to them and those dependent on them.

Imposing the penalty of referral to retirement, as concluded in the first ruling, would fundamentally destroy their future careers, the court ruled.

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