Amendments proposed by Justice Ministry allow settlement of illegal wealth gain

The Justice Ministry has unveiled proposed amendments to the Illicit Gain Authority Law that would facilitate settlement of illegal gains.
Youssef Othman, Assistant Justice Minister for Illicit Gain, said four new clauses are to be added to the law, which will allow defendants to offer reconciliation and settlement before or after they are handed a sentence.
According to the amendments, defendants will be required to pay back double the amount they obtained illegally.
Meanwhile, Justice Minister Mahfouz Saber, unveiled plans to digitize the judicial authority, including courts, notary offices and forensic medicine bodies.
Inaugurating a new court in Kafr al-Sheikh on Tuesday, Saber said the plan will be submitted to the Cabinet sooner, explaining that the proposed system will enable citizens to engage into litigation procedures online.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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