Algerian adviser regrets football match crisis

Algerian presidential adviser Mohamed Rezzag Bara expressed his regret over the incidents that took place after the football match played between Egypt and Algeria in Sudan. He called on all those who believed in a common Arab cause to overcome the crisis caused by the match.

"It was deliberately incited by the media in both countries," said Bara during his visit to Cairo on Tuesday.

Bara was invited by Egyptian Human Rights Council President Boutros Boutros-Ghali to attend the first meeting of the Permanent Forum for Arab-African Democracy and Human Rights Dialogue, at which Bara will present a paper on his country’s position on migration issues in Arab North Africa.

"President Bouteflika instructed me to cancel all my arrangements and attend the forum," Bara said, pointing to this as a strong message confirming brotherly relations between Egypt and Algeria surmounting any crisis.

In a related development, Arab intellectuals and media personalities living in Paris sent a statement to the Arab League in which they expressed their regret over the crisis caused by the match. They called on the league to take a stance reflecting the true feelings of solidarity among all Arab people.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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