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Photo: Yasmine Sabri starts filming 1st Egyptian female superhero movie

Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabri has begun filming her scenes from the movie “Dalila”, the first Egyptian female superhero movie.

It is the first in the “Mustadaafin” (Underdogs) film series, according to a recent announcement by director Peter Mimi.

Sabri posted a look behind the scenes of the film on her official Instagram account, in which she appeared in a superhero suit captioned, “Onset.”

The date for the movie’s commercial release is set to be announced during the current year.

“Dalila” is the first female super hero in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Sabri revealed that she has received training in driving motorcycles and martial arts as well.

The actress has two films slated for the Eid al-Adha season- “al-Boaba” (The Boogeyman) starring Amir Karara, in addition to “Abu Nasab” (In-law) starring Mohamed Imam.

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