Worker strikes stop trains in Kafr al-Dawar

The Egyptian Railway Authority stopped all Delta-Cairo-Alexandria trains in Kafr al-Dawar train station Wednesday due to worker strikes that continued for a second consecutive day.

Meanwhile, Public Transport Authority buses in Alexandria have been transferring passengers from Kafr al-Dawar to Sidi Gaber Station in Alexandria.

Railway authority head Hany Hegab said the strike caused delays for 130 trains over the past two days, with an average delay of three hours.

Hegab said initial losses are estimated at LE3 million, and called on security authorities to intervene to end the workers' strike.

Blocking railways for protests has become common since the 25 January uprising. People see such actions as the only way to force authorities to meet their demands.

Last month, an official study conducted by Egyptian National Railways stated that protesters have blocked railways during 388 protests and 51 sit-ins between 25 January and November.

Such protests have caused losses of more than LE600 million, the study said.

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