Women’s rights activists call for ‘no’ vote on constitutional referendum

A group of activists has called on Egyptians — particularly women — to not accept what they described as “a constitution of the Muslim Brotherhood supreme guide.”

In a statement, the women's committee of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party said not including articles on women’s rights in the constitution opens up the possibility of legal changes to the rights of women in education, work and personal status laws.

Critics say the newly drafted constitution threatens women’s rights and paves the way for religious forces to impose their conservative interpretations for women's status in the society.

The statement said the constitution does not mandate the government protect political, social and economic rights for women.

The women’s committee also called on women to unite with all local political groups and activists.
A coalition of opposition political groups on Sunday called for a “no” vote on the constitutional referendum slated for 15 December.

On Saturday, President Mohamed Morsy called on Egyptians to vote “yes” on the constitutional referendum, which was drafted by his allies in the Islamist-heavy Constituent Assembly.

He also called for dialogue with his opponents to end the transitional period, which has continued since ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011.

In a statement on Facebook, the Your Constitution is Invalid campaign, offered technical support to anyone seeking to raise awareness about the dangers contained within the draft constitution.

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