‘Wise men’ to resolve judges-lawyers crisis

The so-called Lawyers’ Council of Wise Men held a closed meeting on Tuesday to discuss possible ways of resolving the ongoing dispute between Egypt’s lawyers and judges.

The dispute erupted last month after a court sentenced two lawyers to five years in prison each for assaulting a prosecutor.

According to wise man Ragai Attia, the council plans to soon meet with the president of the Supreme Judicial Council to discuss the matter.

A number of lawyers, meanwhile, have requested permission to visit their two detained colleagues.

In Gharbiya, members of the Egyptian Lawyers Syndicate filed a lawsuit against colleague Wagih Seddik, who asserted that the defendants had waived their complaint against prosecutors. They accused Seddik of “inciting discord” within the syndicate’s ranks.

Meanwhile, lawyers suspended their ongoing strikes in Gharbiya until further notice. Their colleagues in Kafr el-Sheikh, 6 October City and Qaliubiya, however, have maintained their strike.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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