Who killed Nasser?

Gamal Abdel Nasser’s death is an enigma that remains unsolved. Nasser, who died at 52, was comparatively younger at the time of his death than most of the Egyptian rulers who preceded or succeeded him. He was in perfect shape before his death, suffering only from a few medical conditions that couldn’t have possibly led to this sudden death.

This was the conclusion I came to after watching Mohamed Hassanein Heikal’s program on Al Jazeera, in which he stated that Nasser was poisoned, and that accusing fingers were pointed at Israel, the United States, one Gulf State, and some officials. Why did the reactionary Arab countries conspire against Nasser to assassinate him, morally or physically?

Nasser was so despised because for the United States, its allies and agents in the region–including that oil-producing country similar to Israel in origin and role–he was the face of the resistance against the condition of subservience that the US and Israel planned for the region. Nasser threatened their destructive plans for Yemen, Palestine and Iraq. That is why he was the target of a conspiracy.

Recently released documents belonging to the US, British and Israeli intelligence reveal the involvement of the rulers of some major Gulf countries in plans to defeat Nasser before the 1967 war. Those documents also uncovered secret communications with Israel to assassinate Nasser or defeat him–which is exactly what happened in 1967.

Other documents revealed that Nasser was the target of several assassination attempts by the US allies from 1952 to 1970, with more than 11 attempts on his life or his regime.

Arab rulers who belong to the so-called Arab reactionary camp seem to suffer from a psychological complex when it comes to Nasser. This is manifested in the way they deal with Egyptian labor in their countries, and their intentional humiliation of Egypt’s national role on every occasion.

The US allies’ hatred of Nasser, which drove them to assassinate him, physically or morally, requires that we probe further into his murder, both criminally and politically. But until such an investigation is actually launched, we can say that Nasser was killed by Washington’s Arab and Zionist allies.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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