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Who is the new Egyptian Defense Minister?

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi promoted Major General of Staff Abdel Majeed Saqr to the rank of Lieutenant General and appointed him as the new Minister of Defense under the new government reshuffle.

He was appointed from a civilian position as prior to taking up post as Minister of Defense, Saqr held the position of Governor of Suez according to the RT Arabic website.

His academic qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Military Sciences in 1977.

He also served as Governor of Suez, Assistant Minister of Defense, and Director of the Military Police.

Defense Minister Saqr made numerous achievements during his tenure in charge of the Suez Governorate, as he developed the governorate’s infrastructure and established new drinking water and sanitation plants.

He also worked to improve the performance of the hygiene sector provide it with new equipment. He supervised campaigns to remove encroachments on the governorate’s lands and restore state ownership.

Saqr also made many achievements in regards to reconciliation, the website reported.

He also followed up on the implementation of national projects in the governorate, particularly development projects and presidential initiatives.

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